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Party Queue

Anyone in the party can add any song to the queue.
Ambii automatically curates suggested songs based on everyone's music taste.

Party Radio

Easily create parties and invite friends with unique party keys. Or have them host and invite you! Listen with Ambii for any occasion!


Listen to new music suggestions customized for your group or join public parties and see whats popular in your area for a whole new experience.

Redefining Group Listening

The core of the experience is centered around Parties. Parties consist of a host playing music through their device and listeners listening along with the host. A user can join a party (with a party code, QR code, ect.) and influence the music that plays for the group in a variety of ways.

  • Build

    Build playlists based on your Ambii preferences.

  • Share

    Share playlists with friends and invite them to join your party.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with friends for a shared listening experience.

  • Influence

    Influence the music around you and add music to party queues.

  • Socialize

    Socialize with your network and invite friends using a unique party code.

  • Network

    Network with like-minded individuals with similar music tastes.

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We couldn’t sleep at night if we didn’t let everyone connect for free with Ambii. Once you try the personal version you can always upgrade to business.

Download the Ambii app in the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store and create an account. Search for nearby Parties and join using party code or host your own party and give your party code to friends.

No, you can join your friend’s party remotely and add music to the queue just like if you were there in person.